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Oh Canada, You Can Hold Corrupt Police to Account for $$$

Ontario man who wanted to be a cop wins $25,000 after suing police for beating, jailing him unlawfully January 3, 2017,  National Post read the comments if you want to see how people view the police brutality and the low payment of damages. Considering that the guy was hit, held in jail, had to go to

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Ah sweet irony. A little police abuse of process and false charges, against a man who posted a disparaging profanity laced post against the local police. The police must be real mature, responsible and level headed men (sarcasm alert) to react in such a dumb, irresponsible, bullying, idiotic way and the prosecutors took it on

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Hot Topic: Breasts

Throughout time, and art, breasts have been and continue to be a ‘hot’ topic. (un)Equally revered and reviled when exposed in public, now summer is here and the public display of female breasts and the persecution for doing so are in the news…again. Different people have differing viewpoints (think short people vs tall people) and

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