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Hold “Official” Wrongdoers to Account.

With lawful, legal processes that you may not know about but they are used every day against people and only occasionally against Officials.

Your action works and helps create change.

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cohesiveness… encourages confidence…

the claim and complaint processes are what we need to utilize…

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How to put the power of law in people’s hands | Vivek Maru | TEDtalk


Is it time for people to stand up and say “no more” AND then act to seek relief for the wrongs committed against everyone?

OUR world waits for more people to claim proper status, standing in law and legal processes, with full respect while taking responsibility to not only live honourably but hold others to account for their wrongdoing which cause harm to you and others.

Come learn not only that it is possible, you can stand strong, but how to do it in a respectful, honourable, effective way.

Learn the 3-Steps to accountability for every government employee, agent, corporate executive, police and more…

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