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If you desire to learn how to stand up to the false claims, financial and legal bullying of government agents, taxation, corporations and learn to use the courts to win compensation for the trespass and harm they have caused to you and others…


If you sincerely wish to seek compensation for the wrongs perpetrated against you, or those you love, you need to understand the process to give you a fair chance at success.

If you want to have real leverage to pressure government, police, corporate officers etc. to correct their unlawful actions then you need a basic, recognized, lawful process to do so. provides simple, concise guidance on how to complain and claim with the greatest chance of success, that is already a part of the “system”. You can be part of the solution by helping to build up the information in your local jurisdiction to help others to succeed as well which will be the leverage the people in your area need to create the accountability and change they want.

Below is a high speed overview (15 min.) of the principles and purpose behind exposing the recognized process to complain, claim and hold officials accountable.

[Don’t worry the teaching videos are slower paced  😉  ]

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This entire site and all of its contents are not intended as legal or financial advice or for public access, but are intended for private access by private persons of full capacity, for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Do not use this website, or become a member, if you are a member of “the public” who needs the protection and care provided by “the State” with regards to your decisions.

If you are a member of the “public” still wanting protections of the State, or if you are a State Agent acting in an official capacity, then – click here (maybe you’ll gain some insights)


By completing the member form you are acknowledging you are a man or woman in your private status and of full capacity (private person of full capacity at common law and not in any representative, official or diminished status or capacity).

Complete the form below and check your email for an confirmation email (Subject: Confirm Your Email – private person) with a confirmation link which you need to click on . You will be logged into the website after clicking the confirm link and your account will be activated.

 NOTICE: all donation “payments” are private donations between private parties and form no legal contract of specific performance. You may cancel your monthly donation at any time. Donations are not refundable and they support the work and research fundamental in helping to get remedy for everyone, which you demonstrate support for by your initial action of becoming a member.

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