City Of Vancouver First Nations Land Jurisdiction Recognized

Who Has Authority? Is It Shared? City of Vancouver (CoV) displays SIX jurisdictions of flags in council chambers and by procedural mandate recognizes the First Nations original jurisdiction before doing any business. There are three different jurisdiction flags: city (municipal), provincial (B.C.), federal (Canada), together on one side of the chair, and now also displays

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Due Process, Bias, Adversarial Hearing Win for $119k

Biased Title IX investigation costs University of Southern California $116,965 …[negative] comment by investigator Patrick Noonan and Title IX Coordinator Gretchen Dahlinger Means, and their compliments toward the accuser, demonstrated “an unacceptable probability of actual bias” to Judge White. She also said Means held an “adversarial position” toward Doe, making her advisory role with the

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CRA slammed for ‘reprehensible and malicious’ prosecution of B.C. couple Canada Revenue Agency must pay nearly $1.7 million for suppressing evidence in tax evasion case

Read all about it. They made a claim against CRA…you can win ONLY on offence! ARTICLE A B.C. Supreme Court judge has slammed the Canada Revenue Agency for suppressing and misstating evidence in its zeal to prosecute a Vancouver Island couple for tax evasion. Citation: Samaroo v. Canada Revenue Agency, 2018 BCSC 324 Date:

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