Judges Decision Educates On How to Write a Proper Claim

It’s been said one learns more from failure than success (assuming you want to understand).

Here’s a recent court decision (September 30, 2020) that goes over how not to write a statement of claim and how to do it correctly, with all the case and law citations. Handy.

If you are planning on suing, making a claim, this is a great case decision to read to understand how to have a better chance at having your case heard rather than being thrown out.

How to  follow the correct way to make a claim and write your claim, courtesy of the judge laying it all out.

Siemens v. Canada, 2020 FC 941 (CanLII), <http://canlii.ca/t/jbf8h>

Download PDF – 2020 FC 941 (CanLII) _ Siemens v. Canada _ CanLII 2020 FC 941 (CanLII) _ Siemens v. Canada _ CanLII