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City Of Vancouver First Nations Land Jurisdiction Recognized

Who Has Authority? Is It Shared? City of Vancouver (CoV) displays SIX jurisdictions of flags in council chambers and by procedural mandate recognizes the First Nations original jurisdiction before doing any business. There are three different jurisdiction flags: city (municipal), provincial (B.C.), federal (Canada), together on one side of the chair, and now also displays

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The Allard Prize for International Integrity

A lawyer, who has a law school named after him, the Peter A. Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia, Canada, also has a $100,000 prize awarded to “awarded biennially to an individual, movement or organization that has demonstrated exceptional courage and leadership in combating corruption or protecting human rights, especially through

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Hold Officials Accountable Process: In Power Movement

Great news. The anti-smartmeter movement has evolved to a great process anyone can follow to hold the officials in corporations and government liable. It utilizes a commercial liability process that encompasses legal notice, conditional acceptance and legal default method (notarial default without the notary) and it is worth your time to check out. The process

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