Trudeau Breaks Ethics Rules, AGAIN. What Now?

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I guess the first ethics violation did not matter too much as it was a rather small deal, accepting a paid vacation from a wealthy, connected, “friend” of the family, while holding the highest office in the land where ethically you cannot accept gifts. It only looked bad, and doesn’t REALLY harm anyone or change anything RIGHT (never mind costing taxpayers $215k, far more than first reported)??

Justin Trudeau’s Bahamas vacation broke multiple ethics rules: commissioner

“What we’ve learned today is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has broken the law, there is no other way to put it but that he has broken the law with respect to ethics.”

Dawson ruled that Trudeau violated the four provisions of the act:

  • Every public office holder shall arrange his or her private affairs in a manner that will prevent the public office holder from being in a conflict of interest.
  • No public office holder or member of his or her family shall accept any gift or other advantage, including from a trust, that might reasonably be seen to have been given to influence the public office holder in the exercise of an official power, duty or function.
  • No minister of the Crown, minister of state or parliamentary secretary, no member of his or her family and no ministerial adviser or ministerial staff shall accept travel on non-commercial chartered or private aircraft for any purpose unless required in his or her capacity as a public office holder or in exceptional circumstances or with the prior approval of the Commissioner.
  • A public office holder shall recuse himself or herself from any discussion, decision, debate or vote on any matter in respect of which he or she would be in a conflict of interest


Mean while, the RCMP continues in their flawed operations in what can mostly likely be seen as an attempt to assist with a cover up. RCMP fails, refuses, ignores being accountable to federal Access to Information laws. Surprised?

RCMP ‘fesses up 817 days later: Planning for Trudeau’s Bahamas trip began months in advance



Now we are onto number two ethics violation. This one seems a bit more serious.

Trudeau personally participating in tampering with a criminal investigation and prosecution decision making process.

Hmmmmm. That seems a LOT more serious. Let’s see how it plays out.

Trudeau has been found guilty by the Ethics Commissioner twice now. Will he be held to task, accountable, liable in any way? In the good old days people would resign in disgrace to save the party from further embarrassment – not Trudeau, partly because in today’s fast moving news cycle world politicians are waiting for the next scandal, or major drama to bury their scandal way deep in people’s memory banks. It might be left to the voters and the ballot box to decide Trudeau’s fate.

We don’t usually report on politics, but this is not political, it’s legal in nature and we are interested how the rules are upheld, enforced or not. What say you?

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I would not be surprised that the latest “faux pas”, OOPS by Trudeau is more than ethics violation but no one is talking about it, maybe they should.