Government Lawyers Lie, Lie, Lie. Is this New?

Watch the latest updates from Daline from Okanagan Koi on the ongoing case of private property owners fighting government seizure of private land. Part 6 video shares how government lawyers abuse the court process to wear people down emotionally and financially. This is NOT a new tactic.

This a sad but realistic telling of what the government, via it’s lawyer agents in court, operates like these days. There is no honour, nor respect for rule of law or property rights. Please listen this happens far too often and should be stopped.

How to stop it? Public lawsuit and public exposure with government officers and lawyers involved being held personally liable.

Facebook group called “BC Landowners for Establishing Independent Expropriation Board” please join and share



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INFO from the 6th video post

One set of rules for you and I, and another for the government! BC Attorney General isn’t big on following the rules and failed to file their response on time in Supreme Court. This has caused another delay in us getting justice in the taking of our private land. They we 41 days late in filing. How does this happen? Our system is broken! There isn’t a level playing field in our judicial system or in our government ministries, this needs to change. This isn’t ok! Do better! Thank you to everyone who is following our plight for justice, holding the government accountable for secretly seizing our land, and lying about it. They’re without a doubt, in full cover-up mode. Stay tuned! Here’s my first video that went viral, until Facebook said it went against their community standards. Clearly it didn’t, so was reinstated.

However, it, and the follow up video’s, have been shadow banned.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3, The SNC Lavalin affair

Part 4, Secret Land Seizure & BC Government Coverup

We have started a Facebook group called “BC Landowners for Establishing Independent Expropriation Board” please join and share

We are looking to lobby an MLA to bring forward to the legislature, a private members bill, asking for oversight in the form of an independent expropriation board. We have spoken to Green Party MLA, Adam Olson and he seemed very interested in moving this forward. We clearly need oversight, and as much as I’d prefer less government intervention, we need it. And we need it, because so many unelected workers within the MOT are causing these issues. Please contact MLA Olson, and ask him to work with British Columbian’s and provide oversight. Phone 250-655-5600 Facebook

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