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Oh Canada, You Can Hold Corrupt Police to Account for $$$

Ontario man who wanted to be a cop wins $25,000 after suing police for beating, jailing him unlawfully January 3, 2017,  National Post read the comments if you want to see how people view the police brutality and the low payment of damages. Considering that the guy was hit, held in jail, had to go to

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‘Tis the Season for Tax Evasion Trials

What better way to start the new year than with tax evasion trials where the “Crown” will attempt to lie, cheat, manipulate, evade and avoid the truth related to income tax…AGAIN. I’m not being funny there. That is exactly what is going on. Some judges play along…some leave room for a smart accused to keep

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Complain About a “Crown” Lawyer -PPSC

Department of Justice used to handle prosecutions but that task has now been outsourced to a private corporation under contract to the government Public Prosecutions Services Canada (PPSC). Yes they are a corporation. Yes they are listed on the SEC in Washington DC and their website demonstrates they believe themselves to be above the law….

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