‘Tis the Season for Tax Evasion Trials

What better way to start the new year than with tax evasion trials where the “Crown” will attempt to lie, cheat, manipulate, evade and avoid the truth related to income tax…AGAIN.

I’m not being funny there. That is exactly what is going on.

Some judges play along…some leave room for a smart accused to keep the prosecutors honest.

FIRST, in Ontario there is the Bill Mori trial. Bill has put out the “everyone welcome” sign so show up in support if you can. Bill sounds like he has some intention to implement private person and private property issues. He also has survive some Charter Challenges last year apparently. Here is his info: Mori Flyer

Public Notice – Income Tax Trial

Attend Bill Mori’s court case on tax avoidance to see how the Income Tax Act protects our private property, and how that relates to the Act having no definitions for ‘income’, ‘profit’, and ‘source’! Bill will also talk about:

  • How Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) can legally assume all our income is Her Majesty’s public money and so treats our income not as our private property!
  • How accepting any child tax benefit could make our children liable later, at the age of 18, for Canada’s national debt!
  • Why CRA cannot steal your private property (money) for the Government.
  • What CRA’s two meanings for the SIN are:
    1. as a Social Insurance Number: does it identify someone who is liable?


  1. as a “social insurance number”: does it identify an “office” that CRA assumes we hold, which converts our money into Her Majesty’s public money, and which also makes such income taxable?


  • Why private property cannot be filed on a T1 return, but only by letter, since the Income Tax Act does not insist a tax return must be on a T1; plus, a T1 uses the “social insurance number” and not the Social Insurance Number?


Bill Mori has been charged with tax evasion. He believes that he only did tax avoidance, which is perfectly legal. We need your support at this trial to protect our private property rights for the future of all Canadians, especially our children’s!

Through friends of friends, three former federal party leaders, a former Minister of National Revenue, and the Deputy Minister of Finance have a copy of Bill’s defence. For your copy, email Bill Mori at bill@icd55.com for a download link.


Trial Dates: Jan 25th-Jan 29th and Feb 17th –Feb 19th       all day 10am – 5pm

Court: St. Catherine’s, 59 Church Street.    Parking shuttle starts at 9am and runs every 30 min from Central Community Church @ 240 Scott Street.

Call: 905-262-0219 to get a recorded update on the next day’s proceedings.

Email Bill Mori: bill@icd55.com

Two Trials Under Way In Vancouver B.C.

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Scheel – Business Records vs. Hearsay

R. v. Moman (R.), 2011 MBCA, tax evasion, CRA expenses as business records, not evidence

R v Scheel