90 Year Old Grandma Sues + Wins. You Can Too

The City of Baltimore has just agreed to a  $95k settlement – even though the officer was forcibly detained in Green’s basement when she locked him in while he was performing an unwarranted search of her home.

Way to go grandma!

  • Can you imagine locking a cop in?
  • Can you even imagine complaining about an illegal search?
  • Can you imagine suing and winning because you complained and followed through?

Venus was 87 at the time, but now she’s 90 and she has just won a huge settlement. She says she hopes it will deter other criminals in blue from breaking the law again.

Venus says that even though she had broken no law, the police treated her like a criminal. In fact, it was the police who were the criminals.

Back in July of 2009, Venus’s grandson, Tallie, had been shot and wounded inside a convenience store. But for some reason, the police believed it happened at Venus’ home.

It didn’t.

Even though there was no warrant to search her home, the police showed up, demanding entry to her home.


SOURCE – http://countercurrentnews.com/2015/11/venus-green-cop-basement/

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