Swiss Banker on Interest Free Banking

Good documentary / interview style video of an ex-swiss banked speaking about the negative effects of interest and the ability to eliminate usury (interest) by implementing Social Credit. He also addresses the culture of banking and some insider experiences.

Social Credit (i.e., Real Credit – the ability to deliver goods and services ‘as, when and where required’) is a system of interest free financing that was used Alberta in the 1930’s to recover from the depression and in British Columbia in the 1950-60’s that built the electric producing system debt free that benefited the people of the province for decades.

…”the present system makes destructive, obscenely wasteful wars a virtual certainty – which provides much “work” for everyone. Social credit has been called the Third Alternative to the futile Left-Right Duality.[48]”

source Wikipedia


From The Valley of The 7: Confessions of a Former Swiss Banker from Joe Gaudet Director/DP/Editor on Vimeo.