B.C. Police Complaints Investigated

A good website for historical reference on the nature of the problems and politics of policing in B.C. and WHY they are not being held accountable (NOTE – B.C. is not unique – this is an operational pattern)

The powers that be set up investigative boards or agencies (Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC) + B.C.’s Independent Investigations Office (IIO)  because the public has become aware of how bad and corrupt policing has become. Those investigative bodies are window dressing to appease the public so they will go back to sleep believing “someone is watching” so they no longer need to be upset or vigilant.

There is an important step missing to seal the deal and that is the people suing officials at EVERY level when they fail to perform. They are all 100% personally liable if the evidence shows bad faith, incompetence relative to the reasonable man standard ie. would a reasonable person with the same facts arrive at the same conclusion – in most cases FAIL.


  • incompetence and conduct unbecoming
  • competency and conduct are KEY 2 issues to accountability and liability
  • both reliant on 
    • a. evasion of sufficient information (transparency and accountability)
    • b. avoidance of crucial information
    • “failure to respond is both confession and admission of wrongs done and further waives all defences.”

Sadly people accept the “official findings” and think it is over – it is not over – until the people drop it.

Don’t expect ANY government board or agency to bite the hand that feeds it or find guilt with their own kind, UNLESS the people keep the pressure on permanently.

COMPLAIN AND CLAIM at EVERY level of “officials” and seek personal accountability after evidencing failures to perform.


This Web site advocates accountability for police and private security guards in British Columbia. But as the site grew, it came to focus on B.C.’s system of police oversight.

Meet the people who supposedly
keep B.C. cops accountable

Stan T. Lowe and his crew of ex-cops

They run B.C.’s Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner and
they wield power over the Independent Investigations Office too.
But they’re the most obviously corrupt people in British Columbia.