Fair Use Lawsuit Win-YouTuber

Great news about a YouTuber taking on, or being taken on, and actually fighting back on a claim of copyright infringement, gets a big, clear decisive win.

The parts of the judge’s decision read on this video are great as to the clarity of the language used by the judge. Well worth a watch (ignore the dramatics LOL) and even visit the preceding videos telling the whole story of being sued (links below).

It was also great to hear that other YouTubers rallied behind the one sued instead of running for cover and hoping they were not next…we see that behaviour far too often (what can we learn from this?).

The Kleins defended their use of the footage as fair use, and another YouTube creator, Philip DeFranco, raised more than $170,000 for their legal defense — DeFranco wrote, “If they are bullied and drained of funds because of this ridiculous lawsuit and/or they lose this case it could set a terrible precedent for other creators.”


Here is the court file Hosseinzadeh v. Klein: https://www.plainsite.org/dockets/2ym8uw320/new-york-southern-district-court/hosseinzadeh-v-klein-et-al/

The Decision PDF: https://www.plainsite.org/dockets/download.html?id=246410693&z=2c4cd25b

Oh yea this video has over  7million views, do you think many people are interested in the law and it’s correct application?

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