Edmonton Police Lose Even MORE Credibilty

Is there no end to the stupidity of the alleged authorities. This article highlights the complete lack of faith in a police force as a result of (corrupt?) leadership decisions.

Who in there right mind would promote, never mind continue to employ, a proven violent, drunk police officer with a criminal record? Say WHAT?

Apparently the Edmonton Police Force thinks it is an OK idea. What do you think?

The liability for the superiors actions NEEDS to be highlighted and the city is liable as well. SueWrongdoer.com process means we need to hold the wrongdoer, their superiors and their employer accountable otherwise the superiors keep being irresponsible and the employer as well.

This online petition was started the encourage the city of Edmonton to create a NEW POLICY (like they should have to?) to not promote police officers with criminal records. Like DUH! I would add : to not hire and to fire police officers with criminal records as well….

PETITION: Edmonton, Create a Policy Not to Promote Police Officers with Criminal Records

  • author: Janelle Martel
  • target: Edmonton Police Force
  • signatures: 3,387

Edmonton police officer Mike Wasylyshen has been promoted to sergeant despite having an extensive criminal record.  He has pleaded guilty to two counts of assaults committed while he was off-duty as well as found by a judge to use excessive force when he tasered an already passed-out teenager.  He has also been found guilty for willfully deceiving a judge for a search warrant. Officers need to be held accountable for their actions, not granted promotions. In the future, an officer’s criminal record should be a bigger factor in determining whether or not an officer is promoted. Tell Edmonton Police Force to Create a Policy Not to Promote Offices Who Have Criminal Records!

SIGN THE PETITION HERE: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/128/442/676/