City Of Vancouver First Nations Land Jurisdiction Recognized

Who Has Authority? Is It Shared?

City of Vancouver (CoV) displays SIX jurisdictions of flags in council chambers and by procedural mandate recognizes the First Nations original jurisdiction before doing any business. There are three different jurisdiction flags: city (municipal), provincial (B.C.), federal (Canada), together on one side of the chair, and now also displays the three recognized First Nations flags, together on the other side of the chair.

Every session, before doing ANY business, council procedurally is required to give “recognition” of the “unceded lands”, the “generosity” and the “hospitality” of “host” “Nations” on “their land and waters” which the City of Vancouver is on and does business/makes law etc. BUT does so only with and by the generosity and hospitality GRANTED by those recognized First Nations (original jurisdiction).

If I came to your home and started making rules and ordering people around without getting your permission and agreement, what right do I have to make rules and enforce those rules? None, unless I do so through force and threat of force or via confusing, foreign, legal mumbo jumbo… think about it.

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