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Judges and Court Staff Have a Duty to Assist Unrepresented People

A recent Supreme Court of Canada decision re confirmed the duty of judges and court staff to assist that many times unrepresented people fail to receive, which could and often should invalidate the court process against them. Here are a few recent articles and the relevant court decisions and the Canadian Judicial Council report laying

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Guarding your civil liberties: Civil Liberties Complaint USA

Robb Ryder does some good research and regularly puts out videos reviewing his findings, sources and theories. Here is his latest one on the complaint and claim process in the USA, all defined process to follow in law. Every jurisdiction has material, guidelines, self help and processes for “how to make a claim or complaint”

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Consent is Key Morally, Legally and Spiritually: The Spanish Requirement

Many years ago I included information on “The Spanish Requirement” on as part of the course “Hope For Justice: In Action“. I have repeatedly referred people to”The Spanish Requirement” enough times, as it is SO important to understand what and why the “official” seek your consent at every step to remove their liability, I’ve

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