Updates March 23, 2015

Hi, lot’s on the go everywhere. Hope you are doing well…

Dean Clifford has been released (on bail conditions, which they avoided allowing him for 16 months)

  1. Updates here  http://deanclifford.info/2015/03/21/dean-clifford-update-20-dean/
  2. and an interview with Kevin Annett here – http://bbsradio.com/content/radio-free-kanata-march-22-2015
  3. lets hope Dean follows through with some compensation actions for the illegal incarceration and more
  4. regardless of what you think of Dean, or his ideas, what has happened to him is a serious sign of how screwed up things are… and how wrong what happened to him was needs to be addressed

Help Needed: Child Advocate in Nova Scotia working tirelessly to help parents get their children back from child services needs some support. Please help if you can with a fund raising campaign – every little bit helps – http://fnd.us/c/3xS33

CBA says justice system abysmal in Canada  https://youtu.be/4P61l3I-Kpc

No surprise here other than who is saying it… The Canadian Bar Association – CBA – has released a section of its summary report entitled: Reaching Equal Justice, in which it has described justice system in Canada as abysmal. video published on Aug 21, 2013  https://youtu.be/4P61l3I-Kpc
The report says there is profoundly unequal access to justice in Canada and much of it has to do with money. Many Canadians who can not afford attorneys, end up representing themselves instead….

Finally check out the new download-all-sorts-of-goodies section on:  https://member.suewrongdoers.com/research/books-and-papers/