The power of complaint cuts both ways

The course “Your Complaint IS Their Restraint” covers the idea that the most powerful way to stop wrongdoers is to to complain about their wrongdoings privately, administratively and with court claim if need be. All of which can happen faster than you think with one basic set of facts for for each piece.

A biased, prejudiced, trouble maker has the same ability to complain about silly, unimportant and politically correct things as well AND unfortunately they seem more inclined to do it than reasonable people.

Reasonable people need to understand they have the same power of change to use if they complain about the biased, prejudiced, trouble makers complaint and reverse the damage done to appease the original complaint.

For instance, a recent news story about a Walmart greeter saying. “have a blessed day” to welcome people to the store got a complaint of “inappropriately using a religious greeting” and Walmart banned it’s use. Hmmm

One intolerant idiot and Walmart jumps into action? What is the world coming to?

Well the complaint and the ban has been reversed because a MULTITUDE of people complained about the unfairness and idiocy of the ban and Walmart ended the ban on saying the statement and apologized for their action in banning it.

THAT is how it works.

Every complaint should be taken seriously and evaluated to see if it is legitimate and if any decision is patently wrong affected people MUST speak out to cause a reversal or live with a world catering to bigots and intolerant.

Sure it is a pain to stand up and speak out. The option is to stay sitting with the consequences of your inaction and therefore lose the right to complain about how things are…because you had a chance to change it and chose not to.


Watch How An Outraged Community Rose Up When Walmart Banned This Employee’s Greeting Retail giant prohibits “controversial” 4-word greeting.


For many years, shoppers at the Walmart in Blue Ridge, Georgia, have been welcomed to the store by a smiling James Phillips and his familiar greeting, “Have a blessed day.”

Then, much to Phillips’ surprise, someone reportedly complained that he was inappropriately using a religious greeting. That’s when Walmart told Phillips he could no longer say those four “offensive” words.

But the “blessed day” ban didn’t last long. After an incredible public outcry and overwhelming show of support for James Phillips and his friendly blessing, the retail giant relented. Not only did Walmart allow the greeter to resume saying his four-word wish for shoppers; they even apologized for their earlier ban.

By clicking on the video at the top of this post, you can watch a WSB-TV news report on the “blessed day” brouhaha and how the people of this north Georgia town stood up for James Phillips because “they believe what he does matters.”