person, private person, natural person, man

The term ‘person’, by many new to law research, has been misinterpreted and misunderstood for some time now.

Many will shout, “It’s a corporation, a “strawman” a thing to be “afeared of”, avoided and you DON’T want to to be one!!”

Oh yea of little research and little confirmation of others’ research before you parrot it from the rooftops claiming “BEWARE of person!”.

Gets kinda tedious.

A major concept ALL need to keep in mind is: words have DIFFERENT meaning in DIFFERENT contexts.

Law is a context, a specific Act of legislation is a DIFFERENT context. History is another DIFFERENT context.

You can’t look a ANY word and claim “THIS IS WHAT IT MEANS AT ALL TIMES”.

Frankly, it is silly fear mongering keeping you away from the truth.

The word ‘person’ takes it’s meaning from it’s context like most other words. In law it has MANY possible meanings having been defined and redefined in various places. Which means you gotta check the context when you see it.

Most people claim it means “mask/corporation/legal fiction”. Uh no not always, only sometimes (it actually never means mask… unless you are speaking ancient Greek).

It always amazes me when people will look at at a dictionary definition that has 3, 4 , 6, 9 different definitions/interpretations of a word and they focus on ONLY ONE and proclaim “this is what it means ALWAYS”.

Really? What about the other 2, 3, 5, 8 definitions??

This is a scan of Blacks 4th Ed. Law Dictionary –

  1. What is the second word in the first definition?: Man.
  2. What is the second definition?: Women.
  3. What is the third?: “MAY include artificial beings, as corporations”

Blacks 4th person

Kinda funny how everyone overlooks the first definition and the “natural and usual signification” entirely.

Here is Blacks Law Dictionary Pocket Edition full page of ‘person’.

  • Definition #1 is: “A human being”
  • Definition #2 is:”An entity”
  • Definition #3 is:”The living body of a human being”
  • and so on – notice how “natural person = “human being”

It is funny how people screaming “I’m a human being NOT a person and you can’t make me be a person”… when natural person is a human being, recognized as such at law.

BlacksPocket PERSONPerson is a neutral word that takes it’s context from the circumstances and who is defining it. So are you defining it or are you letting others assume a definition to your detriment or define it for you?

Here are two webinars that go in more depth into the idea. Please don’t buy into ideas you have not questioned, researched and understood…mine included.

The Hidden Power of ‘private person’ and ‘natural person’ Webinar 2hr 27min

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Many people are filled with fear and still doubt the evidence that has been staring them in the face all along. They bought into the original fear story without question and now they question the alternative, more accurate story…ain’t it the way of things!  😉

Question EVERYTHING, especially the FIRST thing you believed before you knew any better.

Here’s another webinar that was a follow up because people still had questions. How many times does “private person”, “natural person”, “human being” and “man” show up in legislation (Canadian examples, check your own jurisdiction).

WEBINAR: human being, private person, natural person and man in statute (B.C. + Canada) 19 min

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