Disqualify a Judge Process

I reported on this story a few years ago and here’s an update, a lawyer jailed for exposing judicial bribery and corruption in Los Angeles.

The first link has model template documents for the process to disqualify a judge. This is a great start. There should be standard processes and documents for common processes we can use to hold officials accountable…(a to do project…any helpers out there? Contact me.)


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This is a good overview and update on the whole sad affair.

Family Law Report – Richard Fine Part 1: Judicial Bribery & Corruption

Joe Sorge interviews Los Angeles attorney, Richard Fine, who describes his experiences after revealing bribes that were taken by Los Angeles Superior Court judges. This is part 1 of a two part interview.

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Family Law Report – Richard Fine Part 2: Miscarriage of Justice & Abuse of Power

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Whistleblower Richard I. Fine Ph.D former U.S. Prosecutor.


Richard Fine – The Bravest Man in the Legal Field