B.C. Legislative Assembly Hansard DROPS Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms is authority laws are issued under.

British Columbia JUST stopped using the lawful Coat of Arms and replaced it with a corporate logo where the crown is under/ at the bottom – a sign of a shift of power/authority and change of corporate status.

The final use of the lawful coat of arms Sixth Session, 40th Parliament

Sixth Session, 40th Parliament DOWNLOAD doc – https://www.leg.bc.ca/content/hansard/40th6th/20170316am-Hansard-v43n11.pdf

Next Session – not the coat of arms – a new logo – crown under not on top

First Session 41st Parliment – Download Doc – https://www.leg.bc.ca/documents-data/debate-transcripts/41st-parliament/2nd-session/20171130pm-Hansard-n73

What say you?

Here is their website with the logo in the top left AND a nice clear shot of the fringed flags next to the speakers chair (yellow fringe NOT gold):