Alb. Queens Bench ORDER re OPCA Documents Being Filed

This is a video excerpt from a members only webinar discussing the recent ORDER from the Chief Justice of Alberta Queens Bench regarding the attempts to file documents using words and terms that have been labelled “OPCA” documents (declared as in what is referred to as “Meads vs Meads”) and the now official identification of “defects” and refusal process for court clerks in Albert and the complaint process for the filer if refused.

Note that this list of defects is NOT everything accused of being OPCA in Meads vs Meads. Some things Judge Rourke claims are OPCA have not been identified as defects by the Chief Justice…like the use of “natural person” and a few others…hmmm.

See what the Chief Justice’s ORDER says and consider what it’s benefits may be…

What do you think?  video 17 mins.

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Download the ORDER HERE QBA-Order-OPCA-docs1-3