Smart Meters Lawsuit in BC

It does not matter the issue. Your complaints matter.

When enough complain change happens. There are cities stopping the installation of these meters because of all the complaints.

Say NO. Loud and clear with a lot of voices and legal action CAN reverse bad law and corporate bullying…

There are dozens of sites world wide on this one issue.

You do have a choice about Smart Meters.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms confirms our right to live in our home, our refuge, free of invasion. We believe that BC Hydro has infringed upon this right.

Everyone should have the choice to have a smart meter or not, but under Hydro’s opt out options those already having a smart meter have none. We all should be able to say “no” to allowing a dangerous, invasive device on our homes and not have to pay extortion fees for that right.

Anyone is in the class and can participate in the class action who is an adult, is or wishes to become a customer of BC Hydro and has advised BC Hydro  that consent is not given for a smart meter to be installed or operating at his residence.  All persons who have:

  1. An analog meter. We have all been harassed or bullied with letters, phone calls or in person;
  2. A smart meter that was installed despite refusals;
  3. A smart meter which, despite requests, Hydro refuses to remove.

There are no financial concerns about participating in the class action. We ask that people contribute what they are able, if they are able, toward the legal fund, but no additional contributions will be required.