Gerry Spence: Lawyer Who Wins EVERYTHING

IF you want to be successful you need to study the people who are successful and understand what they know and the strategies they use to win.

In court Gerry Spence is a famous successful winner who fights for the truth and justice against a system he opening acknowledges is unfair and unjust.

Watch some of his videos to get a glimpse of his mindset and strategies, you will learn a thing or two for if you are ever in court.

Gerry Spence’s Winning Courtroom Strategies

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how to argue and win every time gerry spence

Gerry Spence – Part 1 – 2010 Trial Lawyers College Advanced Course


Gerry Spence on the American “justice system”

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Gerry Spence – Closing Argument – New York Regional Seminar 2006