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Guarding your civil liberties: Civil Liberties Complaint USA

Robb Ryder does some good research and regularly puts out videos reviewing his findings, sources and theories. Here is his latest one on the complaint and claim process in the USA, all defined process to follow in law. Every jurisdiction has material, guidelines, self help and processes for “how to make a claim or complaint”

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Ah sweet irony. A little police abuse of process and false charges, against a man who posted a disparaging profanity laced post against the local police. The police must be real mature, responsible and level headed men (sarcasm alert) to react in such a dumb, irresponsible, bullying, idiotic way and the prosecutors took it on

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Equal and Principles in Supreme Court Decision Must Be Upheld…Equally

Supreme Court decisions are binding on lower courts and usually clarify the latest state of the law and how the law applies, mostly based on legal principles at issue. Because a principle is being decided, declared, clarified often this will affect other laws that share the same principle related to a totally different law/issue. Which

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